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Monday, December 19, 2005

Relief work

A news from my home town, well it’s a city, struck me today. 42 poor mortals were killed in a stampede while trying to get a flood relief aid. 8 people had died in earlier incidents in similar fashion, during similar relief works.

42 people dying in a stampede? That’s quiet a relief work. Imagine those families loosing their only bread winner for what would have been half their monthly income and a bag of rice. These are people already hit by a rain that would not stop. Menacing their livelihood for the past two months.

I could compare it to what happened in the US during Katrina relief work. The chaos that was. Except for the stampede part everything else compares. Democracies all over the world favor the rich people. Its like this. In a democracy the majority rule. Socially the poor are the majority. Economically the rich overpower. Thus
a democracy’s social functions are directed to the poor, and the economic policies are for (and by) the rich.

Look at issues that people discuss during elections. None of them matter to the common man’s free and happy existence in the world.

I have been looking for the ‘F*@$ off ‘ option in a ballot paper for a long time. It should be available or at least a space for me to write that.

Well thanks to the relief work by the government 42 souls have attained eternal bliss. Relief work.. makes sense.