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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Height of creation

What is the height of creation? Is there such a thing as the height of creation? (assuming there is some one spending time creating all the useless things in the world, including ourselves).

Most often I have read in poems that a woman looked like she's the height of creation, that the creator cannot do better. While I haven't seen any evidence of that yet (“except my wife”, so that I live up to write another damn blog), I have always wondered what could really be the height of creation? Is it beauty? Or is it purpose? Who is better, your secretary or your wife?

A poet is moved by beauty. But a scientist is moved by purpose. A poet’s beautiful wife may not toil at home but to him she’s the height of creation. A scientist sees little organism that helps decay materials, to him god cannot do better than that.

Creativity is of the above two types. There is the art kind of creativity and the science kind. Former for beautiful creations latter for the purposeful creations. Both are inspired from life and its accessories. Is one better than the other?

What would we be without the power to observe beauty? There should have been a certain point in human history where people began to appreciate beauty. I wonder what happened to the guy who stood his ground and stared at the moon when the others went hunting. When did we start appreciating beauty? I think by instinct men (former hunters) were attracted to beauty. We were attracted to fruits, flowers and plants which looked beautiful to our eyes. Even the animals we hunted must have been beautiful to look at.

Even today people go to great lengths to decorate their food. There is more decorative stuff in a plate than eatables (Thanks: The Food Channel). It must be in our instincts to appreciate beauty.

Do animals appreciate beauty? I doubt. See some pet owners for example.

In nature there is more stuff with purpose than beauty. There are more purposeful things in nature than there are beautiful stuff. God created world with a purpose, never did he saw anything beautiful but he saw everything “Good” – The Bible.

God himself is more purposeful than beautiful. At least he/she should be. I would prefer a god who saves me than the god who just shows me a valley full of flowers with a silver river running across it, when I am falling down a hill .

So what does reign high? Beauty or purpose. Who is better your wife or the secretary? I'd go with a beautiful secretary.