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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Limbo gone...many more to go?

The Catholic Church has begun coming around. 'Limbo', a semi-heaven, created for children who died without baptism is being officially closed. In Limbo there's eternal bliss, but you could not see God. Hmm... that sounds much like 'earth' to me.

Trying to explain 'everything' about god has led to extensive dogmatization. The Catholic church with its numerous Dogmas and Canons, most of which is not made known to the last Catholic yet, seeks to explain God in simple terms., as if describing ‘how pop corn pops?’.

Limbo is one such answer it came up with when people wondered what would happen to Children who die with original sin, i.e. without Baptism. Today the church realizes that god will not punish innocent children but take them into heaven.

While St. Peter has his work cut out in letting all the souls into heaven, I still want better answers for the following questions,
How is Mary ever virgin?
What do you mean by resurrection of body? I see dead bodies rotting away?
Is there salvation outside church? (I keep standing outside church most Sundays).
Why should an innocent child be born with original sin? Isn’t that a manufacturing defect?
Please explain to me again why Jesus had to die for my sins, which I had not committed at that time.

It is a great thing that a major world religion dares question itself and tries to find new meanings to itself and to its faith in this age.

But Limbo is just the beginning, many more to go.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

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