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Friday, December 30, 2005

Piece of history - 2005

I have mixed feelings about year 2005. Come to think of it, it is not bad as it seems. If you removed the tsunami, the earthquake, the hurricanes, the hard rains and floods, the war in Iraq and the numerous lives lost due to apathy, this was a pretty decent year. After all don’t we have these every year?

I have not seen any year that has gone by, in the past few years, that was any different from this year. We have had the same news, in different pages, year after year.

May be we have matured as a world. May be humans have had experiences of all possible kinds in this world, that no year seems different from the other.

I believe that history repeats itself, though not in any specific order. We can do only so much with the resources in the world. And we keep doing them again and again.

We are still amazed by what nature can do to us, still fighting the fury of it, just like the cave men. We still go to war. We still fight disease. We still investigate birth and death. We still seek god. Our lives as human beings has not changed much, in most facets.

Our zeal to dominate one another pervades our lives. But nature has a way of reminding us who we are. It exposes our helplessness in ways we cannot imagine.

If we examine history, with rare exceptions, Human History is full of war and disaster stories. Year 2005 was no exception.

Like foot prints on a rainy day
History is but an obscure impression
It will rain again.

Happy New Year