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Saturday, September 16, 2006

The weather from BCCI

An ordinary crickt fan is not a weatherman, nor is he interested in knowing about the weather as much as in the last known superficial statistical analysis of how many times Sachin sneezed when he fielded in the deep. But the Board of Control for Cricket in India seems to know all about weather. To be fair the entire world of cricket executives seeems to know a lot more about when it would rain than the local weather station. How else would they know when to schedule matches that are spoiled by rain at the right time when you expect something to happen?

It is like they have a magical connection with the elements. The earth does not give them the right pitches, the rain falls when they want, there's no fire in the game anymore and its become just hot air. The Players too are well informed about the weather which they share, for a price, with a bookie working from a shaddy room in a corner of Mumbai, and they play to the weather. There is no other explanation to the way they get out like sheeps jumping streams.

If cricket is religion then Varuna Bahvan, the rain god, is the second god. The first one being Sachin. God's are magical. So is Sachin, not only in the way he bats, and bowls those uncatagorizable spin balls to get the occational wicket, but the magic is that when he scores big, the team looses. A perfect win win situation. Indian fans are happy about Sachin's performance and the opposite team has won.

Varuna bahvan, it seems, is a 'Match Fixer' not to be confused with marriages made in heaven. He sends rain down to make you loose one day and to help save your ass the next day. After all his averages seem to be far better than some players.

Unpredictability is the finest element in a game of cricket and the weather. But the weather has been far more predictable now a days. If you see a perfect game you can predict that rain would fall.

BCCI should try to help farmers by holding matches in drought areas. For god knows how, but it rains for sure when there's a good match that you are watching after 2 years of watching any cricket, awake at 1:45 AM when even the attenders at drive through windows have dozed off for a few seconds.

An ordinary fisherman is not a cricket fan but he sure knows when it would rain by just one look at the sky.