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Saturday, December 16, 2006

The weekend before Christmas

It was too crowded at the mall today.

Our first visit was to Sam's club which was unusually crowded. Probably usual for these days in the year, but not for the monthly shoppers like us. We ordered the delux pizza at sam's. Ordered it 'to go', but had it right there. We were both a bit sick. Head ache, a simptom of having been out in the cold for a while.

At Sam's we faced a huge crowd, long lines and a whole lot of stuff we did not require.

Went over to Sears looking for some decent dress, lo the crowds had gone ahead of us there. The parking lot was full as in full. Cars everywhere. Gurnee Mills had no parking space unless you had a hover craft.

At sears the shopping went bad. We found nothing interesting. After about a hour of picking and trying various dresses we had to walk out without buying anything.

It was amazing how the holiday spirit has caught up here. People are all out, buying stuff and stuffings. X'mas indeed has been commercialized so much, if the shopping is not an indication the parking is.

Came back home early and started cooking for the first time after I was married in 2003. A simple chicken curry that I am always fond of making.

We have more shopping to do, after all celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ is no passing thing.

Note: Since this blog has been dormant for a while, reflecting the state of my mind, I have decided to post a few diary entries like the one above every now and then.



Cyril Alex, your post reflects
the exact feeling of most shoppers.
yesterday son-in-law and son went shopping for mostly groceries. They left around 6.30pm and returned by 11pm.
and it is still amazing to me
that a week's needs can be so exhaustive.:-)HAPPY SHOPPING.!!AND do post abt the new dresses.


Thanks Vallihamsan for the comments.

We did continue shopping will write about it soon :)