I am from India. Now living in the US. Just starting to record a few thoughts on the net. Let me know if you'd like to know anything from me.

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Bread Bowl

The shopping spree, so I call it, continued yesterday. We went to Kenosha this time. A strip of classy shops ranging from Nike to Eddie Bauer. We tried out some stuff at EB, but had to return right there when we saw that the 60% off did not mean anything at the end.

Moved over to Old Navy. Picked up a full hand shirt for $10. A decent purchase compared to the lunch we had at Quizznos.

The concept of serving soup in a bread bowl attracts me. A bowl that you can eat. I wish someone copies this idea in India. Clam chouder, my fav. soup next to the French onion, somehow did not go well with the sour dough bread bowl.

The parking was full today too.

Back home felt a bit sick and rested for a while went to Indian store. Dhoom-I was playing in the shop's TV. Some fine shots and daring action. Wondered how Abshek looks so alike his father with those rectangular glasses, true Amithap 'Bacha'.

Another weekend goes by with no big news. Hmmm one more is on its way.