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Friday, March 17, 2006

Thanks Blogdesam

I had started with this blog. after being disappointed over the hit count i stopped. There is no use writing if no one is reading. So I switched to Tamil Blog.

Thanks to Blog Desam I am planning to blog here, in English again. It is amazing what Tamil Manam group is doing. Please continue the good work.

Congratulations on the new site and all the best.



...and it begins.

Congratulations on reviving an old project.


Don't worry about people not reading what you write.

Keep writing. Readers will slowly log in..


Wish you all the best in reviving your blog. Truely, the Thamizmanam group is providing a launchpad for all Tamil/Inde bloggers.
ஆனாலும் உங்க சுறாப்புட்டை சுவைக்க "அலைகள் பாறைகள் மணல்மேடுகள்" போல வருமா?


Thanks for the words of encouragement. I will start writing soon.