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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Prayers for sale

Evangelism - Zealous preaching and advocacy of the gospel (Bible).
Televangelism - Zealous preaching and advocacy of the gospel (Bible) on TV.

Even as a Christian it irritates me to see all these so called evangelistic programs on TV. There’s hardly any difference between QVC and these people, except the evangelists sell Christ and Prayer.

Jesus said “If you want to follow me, bear your cross and follow me”. But none of this coat clad, bible wielding, loud singing, devil chasing, money collecting, tap dancing preachers seems to be bearing any cross.

These guys are devil incarnate compared to Jesus who lived the simplest life possible on earth. There is never a mention of him accepting any wealth or payment. He just went and dined with whoever invited him. There is even an incident where his disciples plucked corn from a field, naturally belonging to someone else, to eat.

Worst thing is how people willingly get cheated. What do these believers get in return? Just a prayer. Well I won’t pay a penny to the guy who even speaks directly to God, leave alone one who says a common prayer for me(But I will pay if I see him speak directly to god).

Most of these evangelists have amassed wealth like hell, pun intended. And as for people, who pay to get a prayer, get a life or HBO.



since you are in U.S. you can try to get a movie by name "OH!God". a beautiful movie a part of it deals iwth such religious-merchants.


I seriously doubt those evangelists themselves believe in what they preach.

These TV evangelists are so freakin funny! I mean one cannot stop laughing looking at their antics of "devotion" to the Holy Spirit!

Well, I know which channel to choose if I want a good laugh!


I'm not a believer and do not subscribe to any religion. But I fail to see why receiving money is a sin as you have made it out to be. These days every service needs to be paid for, to cover the costs in terms of time, effort and any resources used. If there are people who have a need for these types of services, and are willing to pay to receive some religious wisdom, then why not?


I have seen that movie. It's one of my favs.

Also in Tamil they made this (inspired) as 'Uruvangkal maaralaam'


You are right Samudra, unfortunately they may even be thinking that 'they are seriously doing the Lord's work'.


Voice of Wings,
I understand what you mean. Even if it is a paid profession, should I not condemn what I see trivial and foolish?

Won't you condemn prostitution, bribary and how politician's cheat people?

There are people who are led by wrong shepherds, that's what I have mentioned.
These evangelists have exactly become the Scribes and pharasees that Jesus despised in his days. Should I add 'in my opinion'?


Cyril, you are well within your rights to condemn anything that you feel is not right. I was just trying to understand the logic behind your objection. It seems to me (from your post) that your greatest objection stems from the fact that they are making money out of what they do. Maybe you believe that evangelism is a noble act and should be beyond commercial objectives. I see it as similar to any other profession where a person is paid for his labour / expertise / contributions. I've watched some of these programs on TV, and they too use The Bible as the reference for their discourses, just like any unpaid / voluntary missionary that we are used to. So, they aren't doing anything different from the missionaries, who incidentally are revered as noble, while the tele-evangelists are condemned as agents of Satan. I fail to see any difference between the two, other than the commercial one.

I would like to suggest to you to read Mark Tully's "India in Slow Motion", where he has dedicated a chapter on the different kinds / modes of worship in Goa's churches. He has shown how some churches have evolved to cater to the common man, and have become widely popular, as against a few which continue to hold an imperial mindset (and hence, dont enjoy much patronage, as expected). The reason i'm saying this is, religions should evolve with time, and the ones which do, survive. I see tele-evangelism as one such step, designed to take religion to the people.


Your point well received. Thanks.



I have also watched these channels. As samudra observed some of the evangelists are so dramatical in their presentation it would appear to the viewers that is only an act, nothing comes from within.

I appreaciate what vow is trying to emphasise. We have a similar service that is being offerred in Chennai by CSI people. You can contact them over phone and tell them your need or the intention. They advertise that they have a team of professionally trained(!)people to pray to God on your behalf.

They don't demand up front any fee for their prayer services, but you are free to send your donations afterwards, that is, after you received what you wanted from God!


I happened to read your Bible stories... They are really good. I can always take a print out of it and distribute it to the children. What affected me is 'limbo'. I wish we donot contradict on such issues being a christian. I felt little sad after reading it. I fully agree with you about the 'Evangelists'. Sorry if I have hurt you.


Dear Dr. Delphine. I see we have different interests in Christianity, that apart my post on Limbo is one that praises the Church for its bold move.

To repeat you, sorry if I have offended you.

Thanks for your appreciation on Bible Stories. It has been a long time since I have updated that.


Yes Alex I fully agree with you on this topic. Every where nowadays we notice such false Evangelists. I was one person who used to attend to such meetings and used to sincerely kneel down before the TV when these evangelists pray. But of late after seeing the gimmicks they create, my God, I feel comfortable kneeling down in my room to pray. Right. May I take a print of the Bible lessons as I am interested in child Evanglism. Thank you. Could you please update them too.


Please go ahead and use Bible Stories.

To tell you the truth I wrote it just as a collection of stories and not with the intention of spreading the Bible or anything.

Just as we are familiar with some Hindu or Muslim stories I thought thisd would tell our stories out.

About updating it... I will try my best. I am really finding it difficult to balance work, family and writing...


As long as religion is not forced its fine.