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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Watch unlimited videos in iPhone

A great feature in iPhone is the Youtube widget. But as with the other functions this too has its limitations. I was not happy to see that the player did not play all the movies in you tube and the search results showed only a small list of 'compatible' videos.

Accidentally I discovered a better way of viewing more videos than just from Youtube.

In the iPhone Safari browser go to video.google.com. Click on 'Advance Video Search'. In the next window look for 'Domain' leave the default 'Only' option as it is, and in the box type 'video.google.com'. This would restrict your searches to the videos from video.google.com domain.

Now enter your search criteria in the 4 boxes on the top as you would normally search. The results are listed. Click on the video that you want to watch. A page loads up but the video does not play yet.

On the right side you would see the 'Download' button. Next to it you would see options - for 'Windows/Mac' in that dropdown choose the other option to download for 'Video iPod/Sony PSP' and click on 'Download' button.

Viola! iPhone opens up the video in Quicktime and plays the video.

Add the link to your browser bookmarks. This way you would have instant access to your favorite videos instantly without having to load them on to your iphone. Saves a lot of memory for your audio songs and other stuff.

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